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The United Nations’ ActNow Climate Campaign is a global call to citizen action on climate change. Taking advantage of technical innovation, the campaign harnesses advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spur behavior change. The Climate Action ActNow.bot (link opens Facebook Messenger) recommends everyday actions to reduce our carbon footprints – like traveling more sustainably, saving energy or eating less meat. By registering your actions, you send a message to leaders in government and business that individuals like you want climate action and are willing to take it. The campaign highlights the impact that collective action can have at this critical moment in our planet’s history. The more people act, the bigger the impact. Do your part to help reduce emissions – be part of a movement and show your support for urgent climate action!

The initiative comes not long after the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sounded the alarm bells with its special report on 1.5 degrees of global warming, warning that the world is headed towards a warming of over 3 degrees Celsius with current pledges under the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Read the full press release about the campaign here.

Be part of a movement that asks you to engage and show your support for urgent climate action!

The People’s Seat

Together with the UN, Sir David Attenborough has launched a climate action campaign inviting people around the world to share their thoughts on climate change. Thousands of influencers from around the world are joining him by inviting their social media followers to use the hashtag #TakeYourSeat to gather people’s experiences and opinions.

In launching The People’s Seat, the UN is working to engage all citizens to add their voices to address the defining issue of our time - climate change. People from around the world have a unique opportunity to make their voices heard and views included in the People’s Address, which was delivered by Sir David Attenborough at the UN Climate Conference COP24 on 3 December in Poland and was broadcasted on social media around the world.

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